Permier Couch Co-Op

Our Console Lounges are setup perfect for Couch Co-Op Multiplayer between friends.

- Ideal For Groups of 2-8
- Modern & Retro Consoles
- Vast Library of Games
- Food and Refreshments
- No extra charge per person, only for controllers.

Group Hourly Rates

We offer a half hour and 1 hour rate for all lounges.

$12 For 30 Minutes
$20 Per 1 Hour

  • - Includes 2 Controllers
  • - $2.50/hr Extra Controller
  • - Console and Game of Choice
  • - 2 Game Swaps per hour
  • - 1 Console Swap per hour

Membership Program

$25 Per Month

Enjoy special member perks including:
- 1 Free Day Pass per month
- Access to $10/$15 Day Pass
- Discounted Hourly Rates
- Loyalty Program

Our Consoles

AFKxp offers a vast library of consoles and games. We carry all modern consoles and a majority of the retro consoles out there, each with their own unique library of games. The games we offer for each console are usually games that support couch co-op multiplayer, but we do have select popular single player and online games as well.