Standard PC Rental Rates

The standard PC rental rates are available to everyone. All you need to do is create an account with one of our staff members and load up time. Any unused hours that you load up on your account will remain for your next visit after you logout. Buying hours in bundles helps you save.

1 Hour     -  $6.00
3 Hours   -  $16.50
6 Hours   -  $30.00

Members can also redeem one free day pass per month.

Member PC Rental Rates

Membership is $25 per month.

The Membership PC rental rates are for subscribed members who pay monthly. Members have a discounted hourly rate and also have access to day passes, and loyalty program.

1 Hour     -  $6.00
3 Hours   -  $16.50
6 Hours   -  $30.00
Day Pass (Mon-Fri)   -  $10.00
Day Pass (Sat-Sun)   -  $15.00

Members can also redeem one free day pass per month.

Game Clients

AFKxp is a bring your own gaming account LAN Center, however we do have house accounts for select games. These are the following Game Clients installed on all of our PCs and any game not installed on these clients can be installed on the spot with our ultra fast internet.

High End Digital Storm PCs

Our PCs are powered by Digital Storm.

- Intel Core i7 9700F CPU
- Nvidia RTX 2060 Graphics
- 16GB DDR4 Memory
- Solid State Drive
- Windows 10

Premium Viper Gaming Gear

Our peripherals are powered by Patriot Viper Gaming.

- Viper v765 RGB Keyboard
- Viper v570 Blackout Mouse
- Viper v360 Headset
- Viper Oversized Mouse Pads

Membership Program

$25 Per Month

Enjoy special member perks including:
- 1 Free Day Pass per month
- Access to $10/$15 Day Pass
- Discounted Hourly Rates
- Loyalty Program